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Every year in the United States there are more than 1.57 billion gallons of paint bought, and there is no shortage of people looking to buy paint to improve the appearance of their homes. However, painting your home isn’t as simple as buying the first color that catches your eye, and you definitely don’t want to make the mistake of choosing a color that you’re going to end up disliking. To help you avoid this potentially expensive blunder, here are three things to keep in mind so that you can choose the best exterior paint color possible.

1. Use Other Features to Inform Your Color Choices

If your home has exposed brick, for example, that you’re not planning on painting, you’re going to want to use the color of this to inform your paint choices. You don’t want to choose a color that will clash, and instead, you want a color that will complement these features. If you’re working with a painting company, they can help give you advice on the colors that they would recommend to ensure everything flows together.

2. Remember That The Color Will Look Different When Applied

Exterior painting presents unique challenges, and colors will often appear much different than you would expect them to. One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is choosing a color that is too light. For example, while a bright white may look nice indoors, outdoors it can appear much brighter.

A good rule to remember is to try and pick a color that is two or three shades darker than the color you like, as this will ensure that the color doesn’t appear too blinding when applied. Keep in mind that many white houses aren’t actually painted with white paint and instead tend to be more beige colors that appear whiter in natural light.

3. Take Advantage of Color Samples

Because colors can appear so different when applied to your home, it’s important to take advantage of color samples to ensure that you get the paint color that you want. Make sure to apply samples to both the south and north sides of your home, as the lighting on these sides can vary wildly and this can make the colors look very different. Whether you’re planning on working with a painting company or you are applying the paint yourself, this is a step that you should never skip if you want to find the perfect color.

If you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, keep these three tips in mind to ensure that you can avoid making any major mistakes. If possible, you should consider consulting a painting company to ensure that both the color you choose and the application are as picture-perfect as possible.

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