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Drywall Repairs

Drywall repairs

Annapolis Coatings provides a full range of drywall services, ensuring your walls and ceilings are smooth and ready for painting.

1. Drywall Installation: Whether you’re constructing a new home, adding an extension, or remodeling an existing space, our team can handle all aspects of drywall installation. We’ll measure, cut, and install the drywall, taking care to ensure seams are properly aligned and secured.

2. Drywall Repair: Life happens and sometimes that results in holes or cracks in your drywall. Our team can repair any damage, matching the existing texture for a seamless finish. This includes fixing holes, cracks, water damage, and repairing after plumbing or electrical work.

3. Drywall Finishing: After installation or repair, our team will meticulously tape, sand, and prime your drywall to create a smooth surface that’s ready for painting. We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring a flawless finish.

4. Drywall Texturing: We can add a variety of textures to your drywall for added visual interest and character. Whether you prefer a knockdown, popcorn, or orange peel texture, our team can deliver superior results.
With Annapolis Coatings, you can trust that your drywall project will be handled with the highest level of professionalism and skill.

Drywall repairs eliminate the last one that was installing drywall:
“Annapolis Coatings provides expert drywall repair services to address a variety of issues that may affect your walls and ceilings.
Our services include:
1. Patching Holes: Whether it’s a small hole from a doorknob or a larger hole from an accident, we can patch and smooth the area so it’s ready for painting.

2. Fixing Cracks: Changes in humidity, settling, or impacts can cause cracks in the drywall. We can repair these cracks to restore the integrity and appearance of your walls.

3. Water Damage Repair: If you’ve had a leak, your drywall may be water damaged. We can remove the damaged section, replace it, and finish the area so it matches the rest of the wall.

4. Repairing after Plumbing or Electrical Work: If you’ve had work done on your home that required cutting into the drywall, we can repair those cuts and finish the surface.

Our team of professionals will meticulously repair the damage, match the existing texture, and prime the area to create a seamless finish. With Annapolis Coatings, you can rest assured that your drywall repairs will be handled with expertise and precision

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